Connecting your Brand to the Chuckwagon Barns at the Calgary Stampede!

About the Legends

2019 will be the 9th year for the The Legends Chuckwagon team! Founded in 2011 by Danielle Di Marco and Jack Vanstone, ‘The Legends” are the unlikely result of a mortgage broker, a landscape architect, an entrepreneurial spirit and a family passion.

Supporting and organizing chuckwagon sponsors since 2011, we have developed a formula for assisting companies get their brand on a wagon, their guests in the stands, and providing a unique experience, second to none. If this were a hockey game, your seats would be on the bench… if it were Nascar, your seats would be in the pits. That's what our experience provides you and your brand. 

This year we are doing it all again at the Rangeland Derby at the Calgary Stampede and it should be more exciting than ever... New sponsors, new drivers and new friends! There is an increasing support for the sport in Calgary, and across Canada- The Legends are facilitators in this process.

Our goal is for everyone involved to unwind, have fun, and enjoy the excitement and thrill of racing! The opportunity for socializing, networking, and chuckwagon education is abundant during the 10 days of Calgary Stampede.

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