Who will the driver be? 

Your driver for the 2016 GMC Rangeland Derby is yet to be determined! We select and bid on drivers who provide exemplary horsemanship, sportsmanship and are typically available to you and your guests at some point during your hosting. 

Are there other costs?

No. Well, almost none. We are one of the few, if not the only hosting group who offers a complete experience. Unless you choose to add gifts or shirts for your customers, or provide give-aways for your driver to toss to the crowd, your hosting experience is a single all inclusive fixed price. 

Why are your prices fixed? 

Our experience and feedback from previous sponsors has shown that fixing the price of the package and including everything for you is the simplest, and is ultimately most cost effective. You write one check, and we look after the rest - no surprises, no hassle. The Stampede has processes and systems that we understand, and navigate for you. 

Do we need to provide staff prior to the event? 

We ask that your company designate a single point of contact with The Legends. We take care of everything with the driver, caterers, liquor, tickets and act as your liaison to the Calgary Stampede. During the event we ask that you or your company designate a responsible person to arrive early at the event, to assist with your guests, and assist us in meeting all of your needs. This approach is very light on your corporate human resources, and leaves you and your staff free 

How long does hosting last? 

Most groups arrive between 3:30 and 4:00pm- about the time the Rodeo ends. Dinner typically starts at 5:00. In the safety interest of the drivers and horses, the hosting area is cleared out at 6:45pm so that you and your guests can make your way to the grandstand and give the horses some room to warm up. This is for the safety of your guests, the drivers and the equine superstars. 

Can we see the horses?

Absolutely. We work with drivers who are willing to take you on a tour, introduce you to their horses and spend some time with you. We work with you and the driver to come up with a time for your tour through the barn where you will be introduced to the horses, possibly get a chance to feed them, and ask the drivers any questions you may have. The drivers are always happy to take pictures with your guests and spend time with you at your hosting tent to bring the experience to life.

Is liquor included? 

Yes, while at the barns and in your hosting space. A good selection of beers, coolers, hard liquor and mixes is provided. Have a special request? Let us know - we can work with you and your guests. 

Can we come back after the races? 

Yes you may- with one catch... You need to pre-arrange with The Legends to ensure that we provide you with hosting- your liqour service and a light barbeque from approximately 20 minutes after the races end, until last call at 11pm, and closing of the barns at midnight, firm. There is an additional charge for post-race hosting.

What happens if it rains?

The show goes on. And you can find safety under your hosting tent/in the barns. When in doubt- follow us… We know where the good shelters are. 

What’s Next when we Commit? 

A follow-up sponsor package will be provided via email containing sub-advertiser agreements that are required to be signed, along with a timeline for their required return. Also included will be forms for advertising, additional ticket requests, tarp design, and other forms as required by the Calgary Stampede. The process is simple for you, with only a couple batches of paperwork. 

As your personal host and liaison we will assist you with any questions you have about packages, pricing, and the filling out of required forms. We are here to make your 2016 Calgary Stampede an inclusive exciting experience for you and your guests.

We look forward to having you at the Calgary Stampede!!! And welcome to the Legends Family!